10 Questions You Should Prepare For as a Finance Candidate


Prestige Recruitment Group specialise in Accountancy and Finance, so we see our fair few finance candidates. It doesn’t matter how many job interviews you’ve been on, they will still make you nervous. This is your one chance to really impress your potential employer, and this is why it’s so important that you are thoroughly prepared.

Prestige Recruitment Group has therefore made a list of the top ten questions you should prepare for as a finance candidate. Some of them are more general, whereas others are a little bit more specific - but make sure you prepare for every single one of them!  

1) Tell me about yourself.

This question usually sets the groundwork for the entire interview and your potential employer wants to know about your work history. They want to know exactly where you are professionally, what you have learnt from your past work experiences and why you are there today

2) What do you know about our company?

This question is asked so that your potential employer can understand how much research you have done prior to your interview. The best way to answer this is to actually do your research! Have a look across their website and social media. The best way to turn this round it to make it industry specific, see what they do and link it back to the financial industry!

3) What do you know about the industry?

Following on from the previous question, your potential employer is also trying to see how much research you’ve done about the industry to see if you know your stuff! They want to see if you keep up to date with all the financial news and on goings, so flick through some news outlets and see what’s happening in the industry. Extra points if you find something really relevant from that day’s news!

 4) Why do you want this job?

You need to be completely honest with your answer and it’s really important that you show your passion for the role you have applied for. Bring up the work the company has done in the past and how that fits into trends in the industry – you’ll show you know your stuff! As well as this, make sure you bring up ways you can make an impact and how your views align with that of the company. 

5) What are your strengths?

This is a question you can really brag about! Make sure you highlight a strength that is crucial for the position you are interviewing for. 

6) What are your weaknesses?

Everyone hates this question but it doesn’t have to be that bad! Don’t pick something that is essential to the job, and don’t pick something that isn’t really a weakness, like ‘I’m a perfectionist.’ Whatever you choose, show your employer that you’re working on it - this question is a perfect opportunity to show that you are self-aware.

7) What do you know about our competition?

The financial industry is very competitive, so it’s important that you look at the companies or businesses that are closely related to the business you are interviewing at. State how the company differs. 

8) What motivates you?

Even though you’re interviewing to be part of the financial industry – the answer shouldn’t be money. Showcase your passion and illustrate how the company can help you develop skills, which are your key motivators!

9) What do you do outside of work?

As we’ve said, the financial industry is very competitive. If you play any sports or are involved in anything that’s quite competitive, make sure you mention them here. Remember – it’s not a trick question. Your interviewer is human, and so are you, so don’t be afraid to go slightly off topic here.

10) Do you have any questions for me?

The answer should always be yes! This question gives you the opportunity to showcase your passion for the company and industry. Bring in some of the research you’ve done – perhaps ask about any projects the company are currently working on.


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