10 Top Tips to Increasing Creativity


Being creative is not as easy as it sounds. If someone asked you right now to be creative, how would you do it?

 Unfortunately, creativity isn’t something you can turn on and off like a tap. It’s something that comes like buses – sometimes two or three creative buses will come at the same time (when you might not even need them) but other times, when you really need some great ideas, there’s been three hours of brain traffic and your creative bus is nowhere to be found. Prestige Recruitment Group understand how frustrating it can be when you’re stood at that creative bus stop, so we’ve compiled our top ten tips to help you get that traffic moving. 


1) Doodle, Draw or Write

When you’re struggling for inspiration or ideas, you might not think about drawing or writing – because what is there to write about? Well funnily enough, you don’t need anything specific to write about. Doodle when you’re talking to people – it might inspire ideas. Although many people may have been told off growing up with ‘stop doodling and pay attention,’ doodling can actually help you stay engaged during an activity in which you might otherwise find your mind drifting. In fact, some of the world’s greatest thinkers – such as Steve Jobs - actually used doodling to jump-start their creativity. As well as this, writing flash fiction is a great way to spark some creativity. Set yourself a limit of 5 minutes and just write anything and everything! When you read it back, it will usually spark some ideas.


2) Creative the Right Environment

Sometimes, if you’re working in an area that is messy or unorganised, you’re just not in the right environment to be creative! As well as this, being sat at a desk and being forced to be creative can often impact your potential to be creative! That’s why big companies such as Google go to great lengths to provide employees with perks such as volleyball courts and other games which help foster creativity in their staff. Next time, you’re having to be creative, remove yourself from your normal environment and see what ideas you can come up with.


3) Become an Expert

When you are struggling to be creative about a certain topic, you need to become an expert! Begin by reading articles or watching videos about the subject you will gain more information about it. By learning more about a topic or subject, you will inspire yourself!


4) Listen to Music

If you take some time out and listen to music – and really listen – you might find your creative juices start flowing! In fact, even playing music in the background of a task can help you focus and increase your concentration on the task in hand. Obviously, not every type of music works for everyone, but find your niche music type, and stick it on!


5) Read More

When you’re becoming an expert in a certain topic, you might find yourself reading articles and information on the topic. However, another way to get creative juices flowing is to read more fiction! Take some time and have a read of a few chapters in a book of something, you never know what ideas will come to mind!   


6) Set Aside Some Time for Brainstorming

Creativity can take ages, but if you force yourself to brainstorm under timed conditions, you might be pleasantly surprised with what you come up with. Let your mind flow freely and write everything and anything you think about. A good way to do this is through association – think about the topic you need to write/draw about and write words down. Then, from these words, write other words that come off them.  


7) Socialise with Different People

When you’re surrounded by the same people day in and day out, you’re not being open to new ideas and different perspectives. Therefore, it’s vital that when you’re needing some creativity, you spend time with people whose life experience and world view is unlike yours. This allows you to do activities and think about things differently from the way you do in your usual routine, which might encourage some creativity.


8) Exercise

Getting out and doing some sort of exercise will inspire some creativity. Exercising regularly can boost creativity as it reduces stress and improves cognitive function. Walking can provide you time to think over ideas and allow you to zone out and focus on what you need to think about. Making a point of doing any sort of exercise, whether that’s boxing, cycling or just going for a brisk walk, will shake your mind and give you some ideas!


9) Try the 30 Circles Test

This exercise comes from researcher Bob McKim and is a great method to spark some creativity into your life. The test involves:

1)   Take a piece of paper and draw 30 circles on the paper

2)   Set a timer for one minute

3)   Turn each circle into an object. i.e a smiley face or the sun.

Doing this forces you under a timed limit to see what you can come up with. Although none of the drawings might actually be relevant, it shows that you do have the capability to be creative! It’s a fun exercise to do, especially in groups! Most people don’t actually get to 30 – but that’s because we have the tendency as adults to self-edit and be critical. Don’t let that harm your creativity.


10) Get Enough Sleep

Sleep will help your mind stay rested and refreshed, leaving you recharged with creativity! Make sure you try and get 8+ hours of sleep so that you’re always fully charged!

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