5 Signs You’re in the Wrong Career


Many people change careers throughout their life, especially if they fall out of love with the industry or role they are currently working. Sometimes however, it’s difficult to tell whether you are in a bad position or a bad career. If you are unhappy, Prestige Recruitment Group has listed five signs you’re in the wrong career, so you know whether you’re in the wrong place.

1) You Are Bored

A key element that shows whether it’s time to change career is if you are bored. If you don’t feel excited and ready for work every day and the idea of your role makes you yawn - you’re probably not in the right career. As well as this, if you find that you’re constantly daydreaming because you have completed all your tasks and there’s no room for movement or promotion, you need to leave.  

 CV –Library founder, Lee Biggins says ‘Boredom at work happens, and some tasks are always more tedious than others, but there should always be areas of your job that you love. If you’re struggling to identify any areas that excite you, it could be time to move on.’

2) You’re A Different Person At Work And Home

People who are happy at work are people who tend to feel relaxed. If you feel like a completely different person in the office and it’s not until you leave that you can be yourself, it may be a sign that it’s time to leave. You need to find a career that you feel you can be completely comfortable in.  At the end of the day, people who are in the right career tend to bring their ‘whole’ selves to work. This allows you to get fully submerged into the role and lets you form deeper relationships with people in the industry.

3) The Career Doesn’t Make Use Of Your Strengths

If you’re in a career and don’t feel like you’re making use of your strengths, this isn’t the role for you. Everybody wants a career they can excel in, and when you feel like you’re not utilising your strengths, your career isn’t rewarding.

4) You Complain About Work, A Lot

If you spend a lot of time talking about how much you hate your job, the career probably isn’t for you. If someone you haven’t seen in a while asks how work is going, and you find yourself going into a rant about how much you don’t like it, get out of there! In fact, you might not want to talk about work at all. For example, if you prefer talking to other people about their jobs rather than speak about yours, perhaps you’re not happy. 

5) You Fantasise About Quitting

When you’re unhappy with your job, you will find yourself thinking about the day you are able to quit. This is a sure sign that this career path isn’t for you. If you get more excited about the idea of leaving your role rather than progressing up the career ladder, get out of there! Find something you’re passionate about and work in that industry.

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