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7th June 2019



Deciding what job you want to do can be confusing and difficult, and most people actually change their job role multiple times throughout their career until they find something they really love. If you do decide you want to change career path, it might be worth seeing what positions are available at your current organisation before you start looking elsewhere! You are likely to have already built up a reputation (hopefully a good one!) and most departments would be happy to hire someone who already knows the company.

Transitioning into a new role can be difficult, so here are our top five tips to help you ensure that your move is as easy as it can be for both you and your company:

1. Research, Research, Research

Sometimes if you don’t enjoy the role you are currently working in, it can be very easy to get into the mind-set that the ‘grass is always greener elsewhere.’ Before you jump head first into a new career, take the time to talk to people you may know from that department to see what they really think and understand the role further. The best thing about keeping it in the company is that people from the department you are interested in are likely to be honest and thorough with you regarding the department, as compared to a new interviewee where they are likely to hide the negatives. Research the roles and check that it’s something that you want to be doing before you apply!

2. Speak To Your Manager

Under normal circumstances, you probably wouldn’t tell your manager you are job searching until you’ve actually found another job and been offered it. However, when you’re applying for another job in the same company, your management are going to need to know. They will find out one way or another (whether that’s from the person interviewing you, or someone who just happens to find out) so it’s always better to be upfront, honest and truthful. Explain why you feel you’re more fitted to a different department or role, and your manager might even put in a good word for you with the hiring manager.

3. Be Patient

It can be difficult when you apply for an internal job because you feel like you are having to wait around inside your company’s workspace. Chances are, your company is going to interview internal candidates, but they’re also going to take some time to allow external candidates to apply and interview too. This often takes much more time, so be patient!

In general, something as complex as an internal transfer can actually be really time-consuming - your manager, potential new manager and your company’s HR team are all involved – so don’t be surprised if it takes more time than you were expecting.

4. Prepare As Normal

Although you may know your interviewers (especially because you’ve worked in the same building as them previously), you should still treat your interview as any other interview. Prepare thoroughly and practice your answers. Just because you have a history of working for the company does not mean you are guaranteed the job!

5. Get Ready

Get ready for the transition! Remember, even if you are changing roles, all of the experience and information you know about the company will seriously help you adjust to your new role. Although you may know some of the people in your new department, you can hit the ground running by building relationships with them and communicating with them when you see them. Be sure to ask your new manager if there is any research or information you should review before your start date. As well as this, it’s important that you end things with your current department in the most friendly and positive manner possible – you’re still going to see them around the building!

If you need any advice or support on switching jobs or roles, be sure to get in touch with us!

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