How Can a Mentor Help You With Your Career?


When you start a new career, there are tonnes of things you can do in order to expand your opportunities for the future and grow as a professional. One of these things is getting a mentor – someone who understands you, your aims and can help you flourish into the best possible ‘you.’ Prestige Recruitment Group has therefore compiled a list of 5 ways a mentor will help you with your career:

1) They Will Help You Find Your Way

If you’re new to your career path, having a mentor who knows their stuff can really put you on the right road to success. Not only can they help you find your way with jobs and experience, they can also teach you the rules (whether they are written or unwritten!)

2) They Will Acknowledge Your Shortcomings

When you’re trying to move forward in your career, you need to know what’s weighing you down. You might think you know and understand your own shortcomings but having a mentor who can give you constructive criticism in order to help you improve is great. A mentor will give you an outsider perspective and point out issues that you may not be able to see, so you can fully move forward and improve!

3) They Will Also Help Develop Your Strengths

Similarly to how you can develop on your shortcomings, you can also develop your strengths. You might already know what you think you are great at, but a mentor will be able to find other features that you might not even realise. Your strengths are only strengths when you continue to grow and develop them and a mentor will help you reach your full potential. 

4) They Will Teach You

No matter where you are in your career, a mentor will be able to teach you something new. This is especially true if you find a mentor who is knowledgeable in an area that you need to learn more about. Whether it’s how to get something done at work, motivation tips or just how to start your day productively, a mentor will always have something new to show you.

5) They Will Help You Connect

Your mentor, who may be an outsider to your company or industry, is likely to know people that you have never met before. You will then be able to learn more from these new people, and this opportunity to network will help you in your career in the long-term. You never know what new opportunities will arise from who you know!

Connecting with a mentor is a great way to help you grow and develop, whether that’s as a person or in your career.

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