How To Achieve Workplace Success

The definition of success is something that varies from person to person, but in terms of the workplace, it usually refers to doing your job to a high standard. There are many debates on what it is that makes a person successful, with some individuals believing that it’s about the people you know, while others will swear it depends on your personality and motivation. Regardless of what your definition of success may be, Forbes has found that there are five factors that can improve your chances of success in the workplace. Forbes’ information came in the from a research project, where they drew data from a pool of more than one million cases of work around the world. Using a sample of 10,000, Forbes looked at what people were doing to make them successful at work. They found that success is less about who you are, but more about what you do. Following this research, Prestige Recruitment Group has listed the top five things that Forbes believes you should do in order to achieve workplace success.

According to Forbes, Successful People:

1. Don’t Settle for Average

People who don’t settle for average are more likely to succeed in the workplace. These individuals are always trying to better themselves, whether that’s through further education or helping other employees. These people are successful because they aren’t bothered about the specifics of their job description or titles–they will routinely go above and beyond their job roles in order to achieve. So, next time you see something that needs doing but think ‘well, that’s technically not in my job description, do it! It’s a step closer to being successful at work.

2. Ask Game-Changing Questions

Forbes also found that successful people are the individuals that are likely to question why things happen a certain way. Successful people are likely to challenge management and other members of the team in order to deepen their understanding of the company’s procedures. They are also likely to come up with suggestions and ways to improve by asking questions like ‘Why don’t we...?’ and ‘What if we....?’ Successful people are constantly thinking outside the box.

3. Finish What They Start

Forbes also found that successful people always see a task through. These people remain focused and dedicated to achieving the desired results, rather than giving up when things get difficult. Next time you start something and think it’s too difficult to finish, keep at it. Ask for help if you need, but never leave a job half finished.

4. Want To See How Their Work Is Received

Forbes also states that successful people want to see how their work is received, and so make a conscious effort to get feedback. These individuals aren’t chasing compliments but are looking for clues on how they can improve. In order to be successful at work, Forbes state that you must be constantly improving by finding out what your weaknesses are. Forbes found that employees who see how their work is received are seventeen times more likely to be passionate about their work, so next time you hang in a project, chase up some feedback!

5. Ask For Help From Obscure Sources

The study also found that people who are successful in the workplace seek input, ideas and help from people that seemingly have no connection to their work. It is believed that successful, award-winning workers want to find different and opposing perspectives about their ideas in order to improve upon the work that they are creating. But what do you think? What do you think makes a person successful?

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