How to Feel More Energised Through the Day


It’s very common for people to get that drained, tired feeling at work, especially in the early afternoon after they’ve eaten lunch. In order to decrease this feeling and increase energy in the workplace, Prestige Recruitment Group have compiled this list of some top tips on how to feel more energised throughout your workday.

1) Drink More Water

It’s absolutely vital that you drink more water throughout your workday so that you can stay energised and productive.  A top tip we can offer on how to ensure that you drink more water during your work day is to take a big 2litre bottle of water in everyday and drink it all before you go home. Once you get into the routine of drinking water every hour, you’ll see how easy it is to drink your recommended amount every single day! When you’re fully hydrated, you’ll feel more energised and better for it.

In fact, you should drink a glass of water as soon as you wake up in the morning. Not only does it fire up your metabolism, it also hydrates you, helps your body flush out toxins and gives your brain fuel. Doing this is a great way to improve your energy levels and puts you in great stead for the rest of the day!

2) Never Skip Breakfast

When you’re busy in the morning and rushing round, you might find it difficult to squeeze in eating breakfast. This is vital, even if it means that you have to wake up earlier because eating a filling, energising breakfast such as oatmeal will keep you alert and focused at work. 

If you struggle to make and eat breakfast in the morning, there are tonnes of ways you can get around the time constraints a busy morning gives you. Overnight oats, or porridge pots can be a really easy, quick breakfast that gives you energy that will last well into your lunchtime! If you’re allowed to eat at your desk in the mornings, you can prepare your breakfast the night before and just grab it on your way into the office.  

3) Have a Decent Lunch

More food advice! When lunchtime (eventually) rolls round, it’s easy to overload on carbohydrates or unhealthy snacks full of sugar. These foods may make you feel energised for a small amount of time, but when the sugar crash comes, you’re going to feel less energised than you did before your snack. It’s therefore important that you try and eat healthily as you’ll find the energy lasts longer. Foods like vegetables, meats, nuts and even dark chocolate will all give you some of that much-needed protein! 

 As well as eating well, it’s also important that you don’t overeat. When you over eat at work, you’re likely to feel bloated and this will make you feel run-down and ready for bed! For most people, a mid-day nap isn’t possible, so try and avoid overeating to keep your energy high!

So don’t eat too much and eat healthy, filling food so that you can be feeling energised and ready for the rest of your day! 

4) Move Around

When you’re sat at your desk all day, you’re not moving at all. When the heat of the office warms up and you start feeling sleepy, you sure will be running low on energy. In order to feel more energised, it’s important that you take regular breaks and move away from your desk. Walk around the building or go out and get some fresh air outside. Being active in the day actually makes you feel more energised than sitting in one place!

As well as this, there are quite a few desk exercises you can do. Whether that’s leg or arm stretches, you should try them as they’ll get you moving, even if you’re sat down! 

5) Take Your Breaks!

When you take your breaks, your day gets broken up a little. It’s absolutely vital that you remember to take your breaks, whether that’s a lunch break or a comfort one! Keeping active on these breaks and giving your brain that much needed rest away from your work computer is a great way to stay energised.

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