How To Get More From Your Job

Workplace motivation works hand in hand with engagement and may affect job enjoyment. The most recent findings found that only 1 in 5 people enjoy their job, 1 in 5 actively dislike their job and the rest are neutral. These findings are shocking, and here at Prestige Recruitment Group, we understand the importance of engagement and enjoyment within the workplace. So, we’ve compiled a list of questions you should ask yourself to get more from your job!  

Who Surrounds You?
Within the workplace, the people who surround you can seriously affect morale. If you stop and think about who it is that you talk to every day, you will see how this may affect your motivation at work. Spending all your time with people who are cynics will seriously affect your mood and energy – so try to avoid them! Hearing only negatives day in and day out, will make any positives in your work hard to see. Changing your surroundings is a great way to get more from your job.  

What Do You Like? 
Within your role, there will be something that you like. Think about what attracted you to working in that role in the first place. Pinpoint exactly what you enjoy and have a conversation with your boss about your wants and needs – and they may be accommodating! For example, if you work in digital marketing and LOVE content writing, talk to your manager about doing more of it! Doing something you love will increase motivation in the workplace as you find yourself enjoying your role more.  

How Is Your Mindset?
If you go into work with a negative mindset, even the smallest of things will affect your mood and morale. This is a serious factor that needs to change to help you get more from your current job. Start approaching your workplace with a positive attitude and stop letting small things bring you down. You’ll find by going into work with positive thoughts, you’ll feel incredibly motivated to do better! Self-talk is vital to how you see the world, and it’s incredibly important within the workplace.  

What Are You Learning?
One of the key factors for a lack of motivation within the workplace is that you are bored. Most people are engaged when they are learning new things, which make them happy. If you don’t feel engaged, think about what you might like to learn within your role, or what you can do to get to the next level. Start working towards your promotional role, and gather the right experience and knowledge to step into those shoes. It’s a guaranteed way to get more from your job.  

How Hard Are You Working?
Working harder is vital to getting more from your job. It is easy to go into work, clock in at 9 and leave at 5, and do just what is needed of you. See what extra things you can do, and do them. Throw yourself into the work and get as much done as you possibly can. Stop watching the clock and just ‘existing’ within the workplace. Commit to trying your best and working harder.   

Are You Confronting Your Problems?
The fact you don’t feel engaged within the workplace is a problem, and there are probably reasons why you feel that way. Pinpoint exactly what it is you don’t like, and deal with it. Communication is important within the workplace, and if you can’t confront your problems face on, they’re only going to get worse.  

If you have tried everything, and you still don’t feel motivated – maybe it is time for a change. We’ve already said try and do more of what you enjoy, but if there are serious issues and it’s the company you are having issues with – perhaps it is time to move on. Working is such a huge part of your week and so getting the most out of your job is vital in improving happiness, enjoyment and all-round lifestyle.  

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