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Regardless of how many interviews you attend, you should always prepare for each interview with a large amount of vigour, determination and research. There is an abundance of information you can find out before your big interview day, and research is a primary component to impressing any potential employers. Prestige Recruitment understands the importance of impressing at your interview, and so we’ve listed five questions you should research before you get into that interviewing room:

  1. What Does The Company Do?

The first question you should research before your interview is what it is that the company actually does. You may already know the sector or industry that the business is based, but you should do some thorough research to really get your head around the specifics. Practice your answers out loud as sometimes it’s easy to understand what a company does - but you may struggle to describe it. By practising, you can ensure that you come across confident and knowledgeable about the company.

The best place to do this research is by looking at the company’s website. Every company usually has an ‘About Us’ page, which should explain what the company does in detail.


  1. What’s The Company Mission? What’s The Company Culture Like?

After you have a thorough understanding of what the company does, it’s also important that you understand how and why the company does this. Every business usually has their own mission and unique selling point, so ensure you research this. It is highly likely that you will find this information on the company’s website.

A company’s mission is closely related to the company’s culture, which is another vital element that should be researched before any interview. Although it can be slightly more difficult to understand a company culture without physically visiting their office space. Have a look at the company’s social media accounts to get a feel for their employee engagement and staff. Another great tool for researching company culture is Glassdoor, which is a website that allows past and present employees to leave reviews on what it’s like to work for a certain company. It is essential that you focus on what other employees have said about the company culture and when you attend your interview, highlight how you would fit into this working culture.


  1. What Is The Company’s History?

It is important that you take the time to research the company’s history – look at who founded the business and when. You can then look at the CEO’s or Managing Director’s LinkedIn profile to get a thorough understanding of the type of people who are behind the business, and how far they have come in the process.

Once you have researched the company’s history, you will have more of an understanding of how the company runs. This is immensely beneficial; as it’s likely your interviewer will ask what you know about the company. Knowing their history shows that you have taken the time to do more than just the bare minimum and are thoroughly interested in the company and their background.


  1. What’s The Company’s Latest Venture?

Linking slightly to the previous point, as well as the company’s history, you should also research the businesses latest news and ventures. Ensuring you are up to date with information about the company is essential, and will really impress your potential employer.

The company’s latest information is likely to be posted on their social media pages, so have a flick through their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram accounts! See if you can find the company’s newsletter or try a quick Google of the company’s name to see if any news outlets are saying anything that might be worth mentioning at your interview. (Make sure you only mention positive news/ventures, you don’t want to appear negative!)

  1. Who Are The Company’s Competitors?

Another very common interview question is ‘Who would you say are our competitors?’ So make sure you have some answers prepared for this! If you are interviewing for a competitive industry, it’s vital that you are able to make some comparisons. It’s worth finding out who the company’s competitors are on a global, national and local scale.

Look at similar companies that are located geographically near the company you are interviewing at, as well as companies all over the UK that are similar in size. Research these companies to see how the businesses compare. Bonus points if you’re able to mention something the company you’re interviewing at does that it’s competitors do not.


The best advice for any interview is to just be you! You should do as much research as you can and prepare answers in advance, but it’s also very important that you just enjoy yourself.




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