Things to Consider Before You Accept a Job Offer

When you’re first offered a job, it’s very easy to accept it without much thought–especially if you’ve been job searching for a while. However, no matter the role, it’s still very important to assess, evaluate and think before you accept anything (and get yourself tied into a contract!) Here at the Prestige Recruitment Group, we’ve composed a list of things to consider before you accept that job offer.

1)Your Excitement

When you heard that the company were offering you the job, how excited were you? Does the idea of your new role make you want to jump for joy? Are you eager to start? If the answers to those questions are very, yes and yes–then this sounds like the right job for you. If not, think about reasons that make you excited to work at the company that have offered you the job, and if you can’t think of any, then something is up and perhaps you don’t want to spend a huge part of your time and life with this new employer.

2)The Company Culture

There’s no perfect company but there’s a perfect company for you. What does the culture of your new company feel like? You should have picked up indicators at your job interview–you should have a feel for the attitudes and values of the work place just from your brief experience of being there. If you can, ask for a tour of the offices or workspace to see if you could imagine yourself working there. If that experience wasn’t sufficient, you can check out websites such as Glassdoor to read through reviews of the company.

3)The Company’s Future

Before you accept a job at a company, you should research their history and their development plans. You have to be sure that their development path matches your career goals. Your new job could be the perfect role, but if the company won’t be around very long–you can’t start along-term career with them. This might not bother some people, but if this is a factor that might affect your working experience, think about whether the company is right for you.If the company doesn’t look like it’s going to last–ask yourself whether it’s worth starting with them.

4)Your Own Growth

The chances are that this job probably wont be your last one. You should think about what this job will lead you into. Ideally, your new role should come with the possibility of growing into another, higher position at the same company. Whatever the case, make sure that this job is the next step in the right direction. This job might be turning a corner, but it shouldn’t be a step down or the equivalent to walking into a brick wall.

5)Your Needs

Think about your needs both inside and outside of work. Do you need flexible hours? Do you need parking options? Does this job provide for what you need? Think about the company’s contract and general benefits. Make sure that the job and company as a complete package will support all of your needs, whatever they may be. If the company hasn’t completely outlined all of their benefits, don’t be afraid to ask–this may make you realise that you won’t actually be getting what you need.


Before you make your final decision, evaluate that commute. How long will it take you to get to work in the morning? How expensive is your travel going tobe? Is it worth it? If travel to and from the company’s office costs you almost half a day’s wages–you’re spending money before you even receive it. You may be happy to travel an hour for your dream job but for other’s it may ruin their day and eventually ruin their job enjoyment. Imagine yourself travelling to and from work, and think about whether it’s viable long-term. You don’t want to change your mind a month later and leave the job, as this will waste everyone’s time–especially the employer’s.

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