3 Reasons to Relocate for Work


The idea of relocating for work can seem scary and impossible, especially if it doesn’t seem like you have enough funds to completely uplift your life into a different city. However, more businesses are offering relocation support for the right candidate - this includes helping with accommodation or giving a candidate more money. For anyone, the idea of actually moving can be frightening, but a recent survey shows that workers who do take the plunge don’t really regret the decision. According to The People Perspective on Relocation, 3,078 reported on the main rewards for relocating for work: 

1) New Experiences

Many people can feel that they are stagnant in their career or they’re after something completely different, and that’s why the ideology of relocation is something really exciting. Many people relocate for work because they want a change in their life – and there’s no better way to do this than completely moving!

71% of respondents from the survey said that by moving to take a new job, they were allowed to enjoy new experiences, whether at work or outside the office. In today’s society, more millennials than ever are moving to big cities for work so that they can meet new people from different cities. The millennial workforce are the perfect age to do this – most of them don’t have anything that ties them down to a particular city!

2) Better Career Prospects

Within certain industries, jobs are scarce in some areas, but very sought after in other places. That’s why some individuals may move to another city in order to benefit themselves in regard to work. As well as this, there may be better opportunities for you in the long-run in regards to the career you have.

For example, big cities like London, Birmingham and Manchester are likely to have more specific industry-related roles with more scope for promotion that smaller companies in villages or small towns. In the study, 55% of respondents said that they feel that their career is on a better track both today in their current role and in the future. 

3) Dislike of Society and Community

If you dislike your community (both inside and outside of the office), relocating can be the perfect opportunity for you to find somewhere you really feel like you belong. Community culture is such a vital element to the role you do – if you don’t like your area, you’re not going to be happy regardless of your job role. The best way to change this is to get out of the area that is making you feel unhappy and relocate for a new role in a different area you can imagine living in.

The study found that 40% of respondents felt like they had found better communities in the office and area they had moved into.

Other reasons for relocating for work include the standard ones such as salary, cost of living, and own personal needs. If you do decide that you want to relocate for work, make sure you get in touch. We may have the perfect role for you. 

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