5 Skills You NEED to be an Ace Customer Service Assistant


Companies and businesses across the world have customer services departments, and it’s a career that’s perfect for personable people who love constantly speaking and interacting with different customers. A customer service assistant provides help and advice whenever they can; they answer queries and complaints and help paint the image and reputation of the company.

Working in customer services can be a thoroughly rewarding career, especially if you’re an individual who likes to make a difference. Prestige Recruitment Group have therefore listed five skills you NEED to be an ace customer service assistant:

1)   Communication Skills

As you will be the face of the company and you will be interacting with customers, it’s vital that you have exceptional communication skills. You will need to make sure that the way you speak and interact with individuals is nothing short than professional and polite. You don’t want to accidentally offend or upset customers due to communication interpretation errors, as miscommunication can seriously affect business reputation and future sales. If you were to accidentally offend a customer, they are unlikely to return. 

Ace customer service assistants will need to partake in active listening – you will need to provide positive affirmation while ensuring that you digest information and convey solutions quickly and effectively. You should use clear, uncomplicated vocabulary as you can’t be competent within your field without these exceptional communication abilities. 

2)   Empathy and Patience

It’s a known fact that great service is more important than fast service. Therefore, to be an ace customer service assistant, you must be empathetic and patient with consumers at all times. Some customers may be experiencing issues or problems with the services or product your business offers, so they may be frustrated, angry and upset with your business.

Ace customer service assistants will spend time getting to understand their customer’s problems and make sure that they thoroughly understand what it is that the consumer needs from the company. It is important that when you communicate with a customer, they feel like an individual, and an ace customer service assistant will get to know and understand their issues.  

3)   Friendly and Build Rapport

Linking into our previous point, the best customer service assistants will see consumers as humans, rather than just as part of the job. To be an ace customer service assistant, you should show your personality and humour, and connect with your customers on a deeper level.

Some customers may be slightly more banterous than other customers, so you can use humour when conversing with them. Other customers may not be like that, but you should be friendly always. Building rapport with customers increases their satisfaction with the company and makes you an ace customer service assistant!

4)   Extensive Knowledge of the Product/Service

Great customer service assistants should have a deep understanding of the product or service they are offering. This way they can answer questions thoroughly and with lots of relevant, specialised information. Therefore, to be an ace customer service agent, make sure you systematically understand your business – get to know the policies, the way they deal with complaints and what you can and can’t offer customers. Customers appreciate it when they are dealing with someone from the company who is thoroughly helpful!

5)   Goal-Orientated Focus

Arguably, every job should have a career driven, goal-orientated focus but this is especially true when it comes to customer service assistants. Ideally, your focus should be the consumer.

In order to be an ace customer service, you need to focus on giving the best customer service imaginable; you should want to help customers while simultaneously build up their opinion on the business and company you work for.

If you’re interested in working as a customer service assistant, make sure you get in touch. You can search through our existing roles here. 

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