5 Things You Need to Hear If You Want to Change Career

The concept of changing career is often an attractive option to anyone who feels like they’re no longer enjoying what they do. In fact, thousands of people will frequently change their career path throughout their life until they find a job or industry that they adore. There are many new technological innovations, which in turn have created new jobs, and online courses make it easier than ever to learn new skills. Changing careers, however, is not always easy so we have prepared a blog on the five tough things you need to hear if you’re thinking about changing career.

Figuring Out What You Want To Do Takes Time

Chances are, you’re changing career because you want something different. If you’ve had a couple of roles before that you don’t like, you’re probably already sure about what it is you don’t want to do. However, it can actually be super difficult to decide what it is that you want to do! Therefore, it’s absolutely vital that before you jump into applying for loads of jobs, you take the time to think thoroughly about what it is that you actually enjoy. Start by asking yourself what it is that you actually enjoy – what makes you happiest? Think about times you’ve come home from work happy (no matter how rare those days are) and think about what tasks or accomplishments happened on those days. Once you have more of an idea of what it is that actually makes you really happy, you can focus on finding a career both that embodies this. We have a great section on this in our How To Find a Job artical

Timing And Location Are Important

At every single moment, there are different opportunities available. For some industries, certain roles only come up during certain times of the year. As well as this, some locations need certain jobs whereas other locations will not. In this situation, you will need to think about whether you’d be willing to uplift your life into a different area purely for a new career. To find out where and when opportunities may arise, attend networking events and get to know people within the industry you think you want to work in! These people will be able to help and train you in order to ensure you are aware of where and when you should be looking out for certain roles.

Having A Degree Doesn’t Guarantee You A Job

Some people may feel like because they have a degree within a certain subject; they need to work within that career for their whole life. Actually, it doesn’t work this way at all. You can change career whenever you like – and don’t feel like you need a whole new degree in a different industry! Many grad jobs will just be happy you have a degree and aren’t actually too bothered about the subject itself. Going back to university is an expensive option, which is pretty much pointless!

On the other side of this, not all jobs need a degree in the first place. Find out what you want to do and research the different paths you can take in order to do this job. You might surprise yourself.

You Will Actually Need The Right Skills

Once you’ve decided on the career that you want – you’re actually going to need to find some experience! Nobody is going to hire you if you don’t actually know how to do the job. Look at job posts for internships or other low, entry roles and make sure you learn how to do the skills they need. There are loads of online courses and free tools you can use to expand your skillset and learn different things. So, figure out what you need to know and make sure you know it!

It’s A Process

Nobody can change their career overnight! If you are committed to changing your career, make sure you think about it thoroughly. Once you’ve decided on where you want to go, take the necessary steps to get there. Changing careers is a process which can take a serious amount of time so try not to feel demotivated and annoyed if everything doesn’t fall into place straight away. Take the correct steps, celebrate every success and work towards happiness every single day!

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