Finding a New Job? - It's Time To Clean Up Your Social Media Presence

If you think the whole “future employers checking your social media accounts” thing is just an annoying myth, then think again!

One in three employers has rejected candidates based on something they found out about them online. According to 'The Muse,' this makes it imperative that you look at all the issues surrounding your social media presence.

Your Social Profile a Double-Edged Sword

Today with all the available social media platforms, it allows us to stay more connected than ever. But, this also allows potential employers the opportunity to research more about us, sometimes more than we would like them to know! Research shows that 86% of job seekers have a social network presence of some kind. 'Career Savvy,' explains that this is a perfect resource for a potential employer to do extensive research into you and your character. The only problem is, most social profiles are not put together with the intention of wowing a future employer!

Employer Social Research and Stats

Employers are researching candidates online as it allows them instantly to see if potential employees present themselves professionally, fit into their company culture and have the right qualifications. All this and you haven't even been offered an interview yet!

As of 2019 facts show that 45% of employers admit to researching potential candidates on social media. 'Career Savvy,' explained that this has been broken down into, 76% on Facebook, 48% on LinkedIn, 53% on Twitter. With access to a wide range of information, 1 in 3 employers confirmed that they have rejected candidates based on information that they had found online.

Precious Seconds

On average people spend just 5.7 seconds looking at your profile. Employers said that they did not want to see any negativity regarding previous employers and definitely NO inappropriate content. But remember that 5.7 seconds is just the start! If it looks like you could be a potential for their position they may delve much deeper into your profiles. How do you deal with all this? Well, follow our 'Let's get our image right' and our '10 Must Do's' and we think you will be on the right road!

Let's Get Our Image Right

A picture is worth a thousand words, and bearing in mind the 5.7 seconds viewing time, let's get the first thing they see right! Make sure your profile picture is appropriate. Then take a close look at your profile settings, and if they are set to public then make sure the whole of your profile gives a positive impression. Let's move on and really nail things down! Follow the '10 Must Do's' below, then look at all your social media platforms and make sure they apply to them all. If any of them fall outside of these guidelines, consider setting the profile to private. The private profile settings can help make sure that prying eyes will not get the wrong idea of you as a person. Make your profile work for you by refining those areas that can be publicly viewed, this will go a long way to helping your career prospects.

The 10 first 'Must Do's' to Start Cleaning Your Social Media Profile

1- We have just gone over it, but here it is again! Ensure that your profile picture reflects an appropriate image (5.7seconds!)

2- Curate those selfies, have the same professional standard for any additional images or videos found in your feeds.

3- Make sure your Bio and any general information sounds interesting, representational, and is accurate and up to date.

4- Need to edit those tweets? Remember not just your latest ones, go back in time and delete as necessary!

5- Let your personality shine, be positive and friendly.

6- Curate your profile to show integrity and responsibility, do you have a personal blog? Check it over as a potential employer may take look!

7- Show and highlight any professional projects, these are interesting and helpful to an employer

8- Show you have great communication skills, this is a great asset to have, so implement it in your online actions.

9- Maybe communicate things that match the company culture of potential companies that you are looking to join.

10- Check out any user names related to any of your profiles, VodkaShotGobbler301 will not go down well!

So You Have it Covered Then?

OK, so you think you have yourself covered? But, don't stop there, we have one last thing! Do a google search on your name, your name and location, your name and profession, and your name and job title. You will be amazed how you think you have it all sorted out, only to find something from way back is hiding just ready to trip you up! Think about if you were running your own company and you really needed to get the right person on board. How would you research someone? Put yourself in an employer's mindset and you won't go too far wrong!

Go the extra mile

Like to go the extra mile? Then why not start a career related Blog? Starting down the path of becoming a thought leader in your profession can only give you a boost in the job market. Employers will see that you are committed, and have a passion for your career. Now, that can't be a bad thing, can it?

Be Diligent

Remember to be diligent with your social media before getting back into the job market, make it work for you and it can make a real difference. Don’t lose a job offer just because you forgot to delete those photos. Or that comment you made after the VodkaShotGobblerling night you had three years ago!

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