What Will The Top Jobs Of 2020 Be?


top+jobsSociety is constantly changing, and with that, so is the working landscape. With the development of tech and artificial intelligence, many jobs have already become less important and less needed. For example, warehouse workers can be replaced by machines, proofreading can be carried out by computers and even passport control can be done through imagery systems! ‘The Future of Jobs,’ a report by the World Economic Forum, surveyed executives from more than 350 employers across nine industries and studied what jobs would still be relevant in 2020. After analysing these results, Prestige Recruitment Group have made a list of the top five roles we believe will be relevant in a couple of years.

1)  Data Analysts

The world of technology will expand at an increasing rate, so there will be a focus on computer occupation roles, specifically data analysts. According to the report by the World Economic Forum, data analysts will become increasingly important in all industries in 2020. It is believed that as technology develops further, we will need data analysts in order to make sense of the data generated by technological disruptions. Other important computer occupations will include computer programmers, software developers, information security analysts and more.

2)  Architecture and Engineering

By 2020, the demand for architectural and engineering experts will continue to increase. The World Economic Forum states that there will be a growth for biochemical, nanotechnology, and robotics engineers. Demand for these roles will increase, as they are very specialised roles where design is vital – it’s predicted that 2 million jobs will be created worldwide in the architectural and engineering fields!

3)  Salespeople

With further technology developments, there will be an increased need for specialised salespeople who will be able to understand, explain and sell products to a wide range of consumers. For example, salespeople that fully understand their products are the best – so as the products get more technical and specialised, so will the salespeople.  

4)  HR

With the changing landscape, new jobs will be created and people will need to fill them. Human Resources will become vital in this process – specifically with training existing employees with new skill sets. According to the ‘Future of Jobs’ report, 65% of respondents said that they will be investing in reskilling current employees. Therefore, thorough training programmes carried out by HR will be vital – regardless of the company or industry of the business. 

5)   Regulatory Relations Experts

With the introduction of GDPR earlier this year, many companies discussed regulations and standards with legal experts who made sure that the business was fully covered and not breaking any legal regulations. These legal experts will become more sought after as the years go by. With the development of tech, traditional rules are expected to change. For example – what would the legal requirements be for driverless cars? Drones? Supermarket VR? It’s expected that there will be more rules, and so legal experts will have to be on hand to help businesses and companies the same way they supported through GDPR!

It’s difficult to know for sure what roles will actually be relevant in 2020 until we actually get there, however, this blog is written following the findings from the ‘Future of Jobs’ report. Regardless of the technicality of roles, there is absolutely no doubting the power that the tech industry has to completely change the work landscape. With the development of tech, you’d be silly not to read our blog about Birmingham and tech! You can read it here

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