How to Answer: What are your Strengths?


If you’ve read our blog ‘The Top 10 Interview Questions You Should ALWAYS Prepare For’, you’ll know that this is a vital question that you should always prepare for when you have an interview.

Some people may think that this is an easy question, but many candidates fail to prepare properly and sabotage themselves. You don’t have to be too modest, and make sure you get over hesitation to say nice things about yourself. You can do it in a way that makes you feel comfortable and authentic if you prepare in advance. 

 Our steps to having the perfect answer are:

1) Make a List Of Your Strengths

Have a proper think and write down all of your strengths. Be honest and make sure that you write down the skills you genuinely think you are great at.

2) Pick Specific, Relevant Skills

Now from the list of your strengths, think about which ones are actually beneficial to the role you are applying for. So instead of opting for the obvious, pick something that has been demonstrated consistently over the course of your career/education. It’s vital that you’re able to add some context to how you found out that this was one of your strengths.

3) Give Examples

Now you’ve got context, expand on that further and add some examples as to when you have used that strength.  

It’s important that you grab hold of this question and guide the interview exactly where you want it to go. You should highlight a strength that is crucial for the position you are being interviewed for and make sure you provide an example and evidence. Your strengths should align with the company needs, and show that you have the qualities, skills and/or experience that set you apart from the competition.

It’s vital that you are honest – don’t lie. If you lie at any point in the interview, you will be caught out and it’s easy for a little white lie to expand into something much bigger.

An example of a great answer is:

‘I have extremely strong writing skills. Having worked as a copywriter for the past two years, I have a strong attention to detail. I have also written for a variety of different outlets, which means I know how to shape my writing style to fit the publication, task and audience. As a marketing assistant, I will be able to write and edit copy with accuracy and ease.’

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